A hot, high-tech social media junkie??

A lady was in from central NE concerned about having a Diastemic cyst problem. I told her the x-rays she emailed the other day were listed but not attached as photos, so I could not see them to read.

“Oh, they’re right here,” she said, like that’s no problem. She flipped out her iPod, touched it twice, and there they were as clear as could be.

Of course, I pretended to be a hot, high-tech social media junkie and pointed out several aspects of her condition. Her iPod x-ray was taken at the wrong angle to see the cyst while the old-fashioned one I just took was perfect, of course. It felt great. We solved the problem.

The very next patient, a brilliant woman deep into the Baseball College World Series, needed to have a crown adjusted and just had to show me her smart phone.

“It tells jokes, ‘Tell me a joke,'” she quipped into it.

A droid voice answered, “Two men go into a bar, take out their smart phones and…I don’t remember the rest.”

We all had a good laugh and knew the rest of the day that we are a hot, high-tech social media junkie dental office. But my kids still nag me to get into the 20th century.

Mark Manhart DDS